Packing And Unpacking service in dhaka

packing and anpacking service

Packing Fragile Items

We also take care of all packing and are especially careful
with your appliances and household items. You do not have to be pressured about
the safety of your glassware and other delicate items. We store everything in
safety boxes and load them in the special compartments in our vans to keep them
intact through the journey. Thus, you can be sure that all items will arrive at
your new apartment in the same condition they were dispatched in.

Unpacking And Resetting

The last step in our house shifting procedure is the unpacking of your household items and setting them up in your new apartment. Our team does not leave you with unpacked boxes at your new apartment. Instead, we also help in the unpacking process and also help in the setting up of your equipment. We handle all your furniture and electrical appliances to ensure that you are settled in your new abode. Our team only counts their work done after everything has been put in its proper place, and you have been satisfied with our service.