Best house Shifting Service In Dhaka Bangladesh

Best house Shifting Service in Dhaka Bangladesh. Shifting houses could prove to be a rather stressful and complicated affair, and it is one of the reasons why homeowners dread the idea of relocating so much. What with all the processes involved in items packing, electrical uninstallation, furniture dissembles, transportation requirements, and not to mention the risk of damage and loss of household items.The process doesn’t get easier, as you will also have to restore your house in order once you have arrived at your new destination. Ask anyone of their experience house shifting service, and many will tell you that it was not a smooth experience. Some may even tell you that they considered forsaking their previously owned items to avoid all the hassle of moving with the bulk.  However, this doesn’t have to be the case all the time.Whether you like it or not, changes will always occur, and you will find yourself in situations where you need to relocate. 


Moving to a bigger house to accommodate your growing family, shifting your business premise to a more customer-friendly location, the reasons could be many. You should, therefore, always be ready for any eventuality. As we say, change is inevitable, and shifting locations is one such change. Instead of lamenting over the issue and wondering how you will go about the process, you should consider the available solutions.One such solution is hiring the service of a house shifting service. Before we get to that, let’s briefly look at the factors that homeowners consider when considering shifting houses to mark a change in their environment.


What Do House Owners Consider When Shifting Houses?

Every house owner values their property, and they want an assurance that their house shifting process will be a success, and involve minimal risk. House owners are very vulnerable during the relocation period.This is due to the amount of work involved in such processes and the difficulty in accounting for the safety of all items. It is during house shifts that many household items end up misplaced, lost, or completely damaged.To avoid these calamities, you need to do your planning effectively and work with aprofessional team while at it. Proper planning means that you are able to account for every household item and guarantee their safety as you move from point A to B. Below are the factors that you should consider when thinking of a house shifting process.


The budget is of utmost importance in any endeavor. No one wants to end up paying exorbitant prices for services when they have options for cheaper alternatives. This is the case with house shifting services. Before choosing the service to work with, you need to do some bit of background research in the field. This will entail checking out various companies offering shifting services and comparing their various prices. Without running a proper background check, you could end up paying up to double the usual cost. Running
a background check also allows you to note the companies offering various customer discounts, and this will help you make a more informed decision.

Compare Different Companies

Once you have learned of the prices charged by various companies, you will be able to make a proper budget before beginning your shifting process. Working without a budget is the worst thing you could do as a moving house owner. Many people have found themselves stranded in between shifts once their money runs out. A proper budget will help you avoid this, as you will n=know the expected cost of the process, allowing you to make better
plans and even set a certain amount aside to cater whatever issues may arise along the way. When choosing the house shifting service, you should be careful not to be so much after cheap services that you compromise on quality. Although saving money is important, you shouldn’t fall victim to substandard service providers just because of their cheap prices. Ensure to check around the market and compare different services before making your decision.


Safety is another key factor while shifting houses. Like we have explained before, homeowners are very vulnerable when shifting houses. It is during this process when many people lose their household items, either due to theft or damage as a result of negligence. Everyone values their household items and even the most mundane items like a house rag or flower vase could hold a lot of meaning to the owner.

The owner, therefore, wants an assurance that there will be no damages or losses as they go about the relocation process. One major reason why people encounter losses while relocating is working with an irresponsible team. That is why it is important to seek the services of a professional team during your house shifting service. A professional will assure you of quality service, as well as insurance of pay for any losses that they may cause. A professional team is, therefore, more reliable as your safety, as well as that of your household items, are guaranteed.


When it comes to house shifting, just like any other service, professionalism is a huge plus for the affected individual. You want to work with a professional team that knows their work and are not just there for the pay. With a professional, reputation is on the line. Many homeowners know this fact, and that is why they prefer to hire the services of a
professional moving service.

The advantage of working with professionals is that they are experienced, and they have the right equipment for the work. If you are looking for a cheap way to relocate your premises, you may be tempted to hire your neighborhood goons to help move your items. They will charge less. However, this will come at a price. Neither your safety nor that of your items isguaranteed. In case of losses or damage, you have no way to follow up on the issue. You cannot even involve the authorities as you will have no one to pursue. 

A professional team, on the other hand, will offer a more reliable service and trust. They are experienced, and they know their work. They will also offer insurance should your items get damaged along the way, thus, proving a much smoother experience.

Do You Need A House Shifting Service?

Having considered the many considerations and fears every homeowner has concerning the safety of their items, there is every reason why you should hire a house shifting service to assist in your relocation. Below are the major advantages you will get from a house shifting service.


Proper planning is the difference between a successful project and a failure. If you wish to have a stress-free experience while shifting houses, then you need to consider hiring the services of a house shifting company. The house shifting service will make your planning simpler as they will take care of all activities involved in the process. That is packing,
dissembling furniture, electrical uninstallations, and so on. You will not have to worry about what goes, whereas you will have delegated all activities to a professional team.

Once you have delegated all activities involved, your mind can be at ease, and you can concentrate on other matters on your shifting process. For example, there is a lot of paperwork involved in shifting processes, and it will be possible for you to concentrate on such matters. The result is a smoother experience with few hurdles to overcome along the way.

Free Quote

A budget is also very important for anyone wishing to shift to a new relocation. There is the issue of paying for labor, purchasing equipment to use in the process, and the transportation costs. The major fear that many homeowners have when relocating is the cost of the entire process. Since house shifting is a rare event that occurs once in a long time, there is no way to know the current prices for such a maneuver. You will, therefore, need a fair estimate of the cost before beginning the process. This is crucial as it helps you make better plans concerning the move.

Many house shifting services offer a free quote for their prospective customers. This means that you can know the amount of money you will need to make your relocation process smooth and stress-free. Once you have approached a moving company and informed them of your need, they will send a professional to your home to assess your house and items. This helps them determine the amount of work your relocation will need, as well as the
personnel to be involved. With this information, they can come up with a quote for you, and in most cases, their estimate is exact. You do not end up paying more than the estimate they provide after the initial assessment. With the estimate, you will not conduct the process blindly and you will have extra cash on standby to cater for any mishaps that you may encounter along the way. This gives you a more settled mind to go about the process efficiently.


The other major advantage of hiring a house shifting service is the amount of time you save. A house shifting service hopes to take the stress off your house shifting process, to ensure that you have a smooth experience. This helps you make better plans concerning the process, and achieve more in the least possible time. Whether you plan to shift your location in a month, or you are in an emergency that needs you to move within a week, your best bet for a time-saving solution should be on the house shifting service.

Once you have approached a house shifting service of your decision to relocate, they begin working immediately to turn your desire into a reality. From the time they provide the quote, to when they relocate you to the new location, you can be sure of a quick and safe process. They will work with your timeline and achieve everything in your set time frame, if not sooner. Since they will handle your equipment and handle all the packing, you can be sure that everything will run smoothly, with or without your supervision. In the meantime, you can concentrate on other matters, and this means that you will achieve more in a considerably short period.


A house shifting service also guarantees security. This security is not just for your household items, but yours as well. There are many risks involved in house shifting procedures, ranging from robberies to the damage of household items. A house shifting service will guarantee security, in that you and your items will be in safe hands. You do not have to worry about losing your property to criminals; neither are you so much afraid of the safety of the goods. House shifting services are legitimate companies and, therefore, they are answerable for any loss or damages that you may encounter. This is, however, unlikely to happen since the companies are experienced and their workers are professionally trained to handle your items with care. In the case of damages, however, you have some insurance from the company, all liability is on their hands. This would not be the case with a random unqualified team as you would have to endure the losses alone.

Full Assistance

Perhaps the most significant benefit of hiring a professional house shifting service is that the burden of house shifting is completely taken from your shoulders. A house shifting service will guarantee professional involvement from start to finish. As soon as you involve house shifting service in your relocation plans, your process becomes easier and much smoother. Your involvement reduces to minimal and less demanding roles, such as supervision.

The house shifting service should handle all matters, including packing, uninstallations, transport, and reset ups in your new abode. This reduces your stress and puts you in a more relaxed situation. Without the services of a house shifting service, you would have to handle all matters on your own, and this would result in more work, more expenses, and lowered productivity. What’s more, you can be sure that the assistance you get is quality, since you are dealing with professionals. Not only are you relieved of the stressful work, but the safety of your items is also guaranteed.

Our Professional House Shifting Service

We are a professional house shifting service that has been providing efficient solutions for homeowners for more than a decade. Our long time in the field has led to our vast experience, and we train our workers to provide quality service. We are also conversant with all the details that are involved in house shifting procedures and you can, therefore, be assured of our superb service delivery and guaranteed customer satisfaction.


We have been providing quality service for homeowners for many years now, making their house shifting process a smooth and stress-free experience. Our mission is to continue providing efficient solutions for house owners, providing them with reliable and affordable service all through their experience. With us, you do not have to worry and have concerns about how your house items will move safely from your previous to the new apartment. We hope to take the burden off your shoulder and make your experience safe and enjoyable.


Our vision is to become the best house shifting service in the region. We plan to grow our company and increase our reach to individuals, not only in our country but across the borders. Our partnership with major international links makes us the most effective service today, and we plan to be available in every country in the world in the next decade. We will increase our customer base ten-fold and offer quality service to individuals far and wide. We can handle any relocation needs you may have, and we will continue with our quality service delivery in the years to come.

Various House Shifting Categories

There are various house shifting categories, depending on the work and distance involved in the shift. Lucky for you, we can handle all of them. Below is a brief description of each of the relocation types.

Local Shifting

Local house shifts are just as important as any other relocation. Whether you are shifting from one house to the other one across the street or moving from one coastline to the other, the intended result remains the same; the guaranteed safe movement of your goods from point A to B. We take all our projects seriously and handle our work with the utmost care. The care we give to clients is not dependent on the type of shifting they are doing, as we are concerned with ensuring all customers are satisfied with our service delivery.

Many people assume that local shifts are super easy and do not involve a lot of work. Well, this is true to some extent. However, it does not mean that local shifts should be taken any less seriously. We treat all relocations equally and handle them with the same level of seriousness. Therefore, even if you are relocating to the next house across the street, you can count on our service to provide a smooth experience for you and ensure the safety of all your items in the move.

Long Distance Shifting

Compared to local shifts, long-distance shifts tend to be a bit more laborious. The longer distance travel means that the risk of your goods also increases. Therefore, you need to work with a reliable team that will assure you of safety and ensures that your goods arrive in their destination in the same condition that they were dispatched.

Another important thing to consider in long-distance shifts is the transportation medium. The last thing you want is your vehicle stalling in the middle of the journey and leaving you and your household items stranded on the road. To be sure that your goods will successfully reach your new destination, therefore, you need to be sure of a convenient transportation system. The only way you can be sure of this is by hiring a professional service like ours. Our team will handle all the necessary packing of your items and loading them into our specially designed relocation vans. This ensures that your items are kept instant and are ready for the long journey ahead. That way, you will be sure that everything will arrive at your new destination in their proper condition.

International Shifting

Are you planning to shift from your country and start living in another country or continent altogether? Maybe you are wondering how you will relocate with all your household items. You could even be considering leaving your valuable items behind for lack of a suitable solution for their carriage. Worry no more. Our service has you covered. Trust me, your case is not isolated, and we have provided effective solutions for other homeowners in
the same situation.

We run an international moving company, and we can easily offer our house shifting services to help you relocate to any location worldwide. Therefore, you can be sure to safely carry your household items to your new location as you plan to start a new chapter in your life. Some of the major hitches that you are likely to encounter in your relocation across countries are the many rules set by various states concerning goods traversing their borders. Lucky for you, our professional service is licensed to handle such processes. We will pack your house items appropriately and put the required labels on them for easier inspection across borders. We will also handle all the paperwork involved in such relocations, to ensure that your goods get safe passage and arrive safely at your new destination. Forget the tales you have heard from your friends and online users. By hiring our service, your international shifting will be hassle-free and your items will arrive at their destination with minimal glitches on the way.

Commercial Shifting

You may also find yourself in a situation where you need to shift offices. Maybe you are thinking of relocating to a larger office in your building or moving to another building or state altogether. Just like the case with residential house shifts, commercial shifts are just as important and need the same level of care. Whether you are up-scaling your business or moving to a smaller space, you can count on our service to facilitate the relocation effectively.

The thing with commercial relocations is that the bulk of
the items are office equipment like files and computers. Each of the items in an office has its unique value and purpose. Misplacements are, therefore out of the question. Most of the files in an office are stored categorically and they
should be retrievable at ease. We handle such files with the utmost care and store them in properly labeled boxes, to make everything retrievable along the way.The other issue with commercial shifts is that they heavily rely on time. There is much downtime that occurs during commercial shifts. This

is because you are forced to close the business to concentrate on the move. We are aware of the importance of the time factor in businesses, and we ensure
that you do not lose much of it during your shifting. We work hard to ensure the process takes the least possible time to get you back on business soon.

Storage And Antique Shifting

We are aware of the attachment one can have with their unique antiques. These could be paintings, glassware, vintage collections, and
so on. These are items held dear by many house owners, and they can’t be easily replaced with money. We are therefore keen to ensure they are transported safely and do not get damaged along the way.

While using our house shifting service, you do not have to worry about the safety of that old piano you inherited from your great uncle. We promise to handle your antiques with utmost care to ensure they reach your new destination safely.

What We Offer

The services we offer include:

Loading And Offloading Labor

Once you have paid for our service, you can forget about outsourcing labor and spending more money. We will provide all labor required
in the loading of your house items in the vans as well as offloading in the final destination. We are careful all through the process and handle all your items carefully to minimize the risk of damage. This is due to the experience we have in the field and the professional status of our workers. Therefore, you can be comfortable knowing that or team will handle all the heavy lifting for


We also cater for the transportation of your items from the former residence to your new destination. Whether you are shifting to the next estate or across many states, our service will provide the required
transportation system for you and your items. We have special vans that we use in our work, and they ensure that your goods are safely loaded and remain intact all along the journey.

Furniture Disassembling

Furniture dissembling is one of the most challenging tasks during house shifting. However, that is not the case with our service. We have
perfectly trained personnel that can assemble and disassemble your furniture safely and at ease. Our many years in the industry have led to our accumulation
of experience and skills, and you can be sure that your furniture will be a piece of cake for our team. We proper equipment in the task to guarantee safety as well as make the entire process easier and hassle-free.

Electrical Uninstallations And Installations

Your electrical uninstallations do not have to give you a headache either. We have professionals in our team that will handle your appliances with ease. From the disconnection of your television and sound systems to the removal and packing of all light, we’ve got you covered. You do not have to risk your safety tampering with wires that you have little knowledge about. Our team makes the process easier and safer for everyone by handling all electrical uninstallations, as well as installations at your new apartment.

Packing Fragile Items

We also take care of all packing and are especially careful with your appliances and household items. You do not have to be pressured about the safety of your glassware and other delicate items. We store everything in safety boxes and load them in the special compartments in our vans to keep them
intact through the journey. Thus, you can be sure that all items will arrive at your new apartment in the same condition they were dispatched in.

Unpacking And Resetting

The last step in our house shifting procedure is the unpacking of your household items and setting them up in your new apartment. Our team does not leave you with unpacked boxes at your new apartment. Instead, we also help in the unpacking process and also help in the setting up of your equipment. We handle all your furniture and electrical appliances to ensure that you are settled in your new abode. Our team only counts their work done after everything has been put in its proper place, and you have been satisfied with our service.

Why Choose Us?

We are the best house shifting service in the region and we have been providing efficient solutions for house overs for more than a decade now. Our period in the field has gained us a lot of experience in the field and we assure you of a smooth house shifting process. Below are the reasons why you
should hire our team.

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our top priority in business. Once you have paid for our service, you will be investing in a reliable partner that
will walk with you every step of the day. From our first interaction, we will work with you all through the process to ensure that you safely relocate from your previous apartment to the new destination. You can be sure that our team
will not leave you until you have safely relocated and settled safely in your new apartment.

No Hidden Fees

We do not have any hidden fees in our transaction. You can be sure that the cost estimate we give you at the start of a business is the
same amount that you will pay for our service. You will not encounter any hiked prices or be forced to pay additional costs along the way. We value transparency and are open to our transactions.

Emergency Solutions

Are you in an emergency and needing to shift your apartment
suddenly? You do not have to worry about the situation. Our team can offer effective solutions for any emergency. Once you have approached our service, we
will do a quick assessment of your property and provide a free quote. From there, we can handle your house shifting process in the least available time.

Best-In-Class Tech

Our technology is top-notch and the best in the field. We handle your goods and household items with the utmost care to guarantee their safety and this is made possible by our up-to-date technology and equipment.

Relocation are often stressful times for homeowners as there is are many risks involved, both for the individual and their household items. If you are thinking of shifting to a new apartment, you should consider working with a professional team in the process. We are an experienced house shifting service that has been in the field for many years now. You can count on us for quality service delivery and a stress-free engagement. Contact us today to learn more about our service and get to know how we can help make your house shifting process a comfortable and stress-free affair     house